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A delightful literary collection of 24 stories in a mix of short and flash fiction. 111 pages. Click on the cover to order your copy.

Ten Seconds In-Between is a collection about connection. There’s something elusive yet immediate about the characters in these tales; as a line in “Performance Art” goes, “You remember reading somewhere that psychologists say when people meet, they decide within 7 and 17 seconds whether or not they will like each other. You wonder about the 10 seconds in between.” The pieces herein range from flash to extended, mirroring ephemeral transactions and relationships; as with life, the hope is that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.
This book is dedicated to everyone living in and for those ten seconds, the journey we share.
— Doug Hoekstra 2021

Ten Seconds In-Between by Doug Hoekstra

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