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Full Length Poetry, Fiction, or Creative Nonfiction Manuscript Submissions

We consider full length book manuscripts: poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction (essays or memoirs).

Our preference in fiction is for literary fiction. We also consider mixed genre works.

We do not charge reading fees.

Please submit no more than one ms every six months.

We prefer books of 100+ pages, single spaced,  At present, we only publish books with black and white interior, no color. For fiction and creative non-fiction, we prefer a minimum of 35,000 words. 


Please send your full manuscript (no samples please) in MS Word (.doc or .docx.) format. Single spaced please.

Name your file with your last name, the number of manuscripts you have submitted to BTS to date, and the genre of your latest ms submission.  For example, if it is your second ms submission and the content is poetry, label it Smith2 Poetry Manuscript.  

Please single space poems, double space between stanzas, and format poems as you would like them to appear.

Include in your email:

  • Your real name.

  • Your pen name (if any).

  • Your biography (full length).

  • Number of words or pages.

  • Your real physical address (not work or your PO box).

  • Your mailing address (if different).

  • Your email address.

  • Your phone number.


​​Include you cover letter in your email, adding your .doc or .docx as an attachment, to​.

We will acknowledge your submission upon receipt.

Please allow up to 180 days for us to read your manuscript.


If we accept your manuscript for publication, you will have input on size and on the cover design. Interior formatting is, by default, in the same style as our journal, although alterations can be made if appropriate to the work. We work closely with authors throughout the editing, layout, and design process.

Author receives a print proof (or more than one if required) and ten author’s copies upon publication.

Author may also purchase additional copies at a discounted cost.

Author's share from the sale of each book will be paid quarterly, via Paypal. Amount of author's share to be determined based on the length and associated cost of the book, retail price agreed on, etc. once a manuscript has been accepted for publication.

Author's income on sales through BTS and will be much higher than sales through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc.

Please note: All our payments to authors are made via Paypal.

You must have a functional Paypal account to receive author’s share of the sales of any book we publish.

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