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Better Than Starbucks Publications — who we are:



Vera Ignatowitsch     Editor-in-Chief                                   


Anthony “Uplandpoet” Watkins     ​Publisher, Founder, and Advisory Editor

Tom Merrill     Advisory Editor

Kevin McLaughlin     Haiku Editor and Advisory Editor

Elaine Wilburt   Copy Editor

Christy Burbidge     Associate Copy Editor

Better Than Starbucks Publications is a small press which accepts Poetry, Fiction, and Creative Nonfiction, as well as cross genre manuscripts. Please check our submission guidelines page to see if submissions are open. We periodically close submissions when our reading lists gets too long.

Better Than Starbucks was founded by Anthony Watkins in 1995 as Scene, Arts of the Treasure Coast, renamed Abundance, a Harvest of Literature, Life & the Arts in 1998, and revived as Better Than Starbucks in 2016. Our journal of poetry and creative writing is located at On the archives page, you will find over 40 issues of the journal. It has also been available in print since January 2018.

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