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Kathryn Jacobs

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Kathryn Jacobs is a nomad who travels about the country in an RV, writing poetry and editing the metrical poetry journal The Road Not Taken. A retired professor, she is almost certainly on the spectrum, and likes it like that. In her former life she was a medievalist at Texas A&M-C.


Along the way she wore various hats, as most of us do sooner or later. In her youth she took a masters from the University of Michigan and a doctorate from Harvard, after which she published a scholarly book with the University Press of Florida called Marriage Contracts From Chaucer to the Renaissance Stage. As time passed, however, poetry took up more and more of her attention, as witness the hundreds of poems she published in a variety of poetry journals, from Measure and New Formalist to Mezzo Cammin and Whiskey Island, Third Wednesday, Wordgathering, and Better Than Starbucks. She also published five solo volumes of poetry: Advice Column and Signs and Portents (Finishing Line Press), to Signs of Our Time (Pudding House Press), In Transit (David Roberts Press) and Wedged Elephant (Kelsay Books).


Finally, and in between all that, she married, divorced, remarried, had three children, and lost one (Raymond Jacobs, 18). — Life is what you make of it

Rachel Jacobs

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Rachel Jacobs lives in Chicago proper with one husband, three kids, one sister, two dogs, and one cat. Some of the housemates are autistic, but the pets are probably not. In between having a family and writing for fun, they have a fulltime job editing proposals.


Rachel spent almost 20 years writing and editing textbooks. They started off with a post college job at McGraw Hill, lost it in the Great Recession, and then managed to support three children as a freelance editor for the intervening years. Recently Rachel gave up on educational publishing and moved to the government services industry.

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