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Better Than Starbucks November 2021 Vol VI No IV

The Interview — R.S. Gwynn by Luke Stromberg, and Six Poems by R.S. Gwynn.

Featured Poems: Janice D. Soderling, Connie Carmichael, Gary Lee Barkow, Juan Parra, and Richard Porter.

Free Verse: Simon Perchik, Nunzio Lazzara, Greg Stidham, Caspar Santacroce, Megan Stolz, Don Thompson, J. R. Forman, John Hicks, Andrew Vogel, Michele Mekel, Teague McKamey, Bruce McRae, Sean Joseph Pino, and John Grey.
Haiku with Kevin McLaughlin: TM, M. T. Williams, Amy Van Duzer, Joan Fingon, Shai Afsaii, Taofek Ayeymi, Mona Bedi, Obinna Chilekezi, Ernesto P. Santiago, Riham El-Ashry, Gerald Friedman, Matt Dove, Dianne Moritz, Paweł Markiewicz, Kelley Jean White, Jon Wike, Alexandria Ibarra, Sherrell Wigal, Steven M. Smith, Sarah Mahina Calvello, Melanie Weldon-Soiset, and William Cullen Jr.

Formal Poetry: Richard Wakefield, Kathryn Jacobs, Jared Carter, Richard Meyer, Anita Cabrera, Bruce McGuffin, Leo Aylen, Hope Coulter, Janet Kenny, Barbara Loots, Amit Majmudar, Oliver Butterfield, Martin Elster, Robin Helweg-Larsen, Damian Balassone, and Jerome Betts.

Poetry Translations with Susan McLean: Brittany Hause translating Vicenta Castro Cambón and César Vallejo, Maryann Corbett translating Anonymous, Marc Alan Di Martino translating Trilussa (the pseudonym of Carlo Alberto Salustri) (Featured) and translating Antonia Pozzi.

Poetry for Children with Robert Schechter: Neal Levin, Lisa Varchol Perron, Martin Elster, Suzy Levinson, Max Gutmann, and Kate Williams.

International Poetry: Riham El-Ashry (Featured), Kinga Hajba, Sekhar Banerjee, Roxana Doncu, Dr. Shailja Sharma, U.S. Khokhar, and Edilson Afonso Ferreira.

African Poetry: Ndiritu Mwangi (Featured), Iyke Obinna Igbokwe, Arao Ameny, Sulyman Abdulkabeer Agaka, and Philip Chijioke Abonyi.

Poetry Unplugged: Carol Lynn Stevenson Grellas, Dick Narvett, Marc Frazier, Korinne Ellert, Elizabeth Gatten Fenley, Sir Massimo Mitolo, and Yvonne Leach.

Experimental, Prose, & Form Poetry: Taylor McCarthy (Featured), Alison Jennings, Mark Henderson, Steven Willett, Peggy Gerber, William Cullen Jr., Hope Coulter, Kyle Hemmings, and Arlene Geller.

Fiction (Featured): Storm by Christopher Hadin.
Flash Fiction: A Good Bar by Christopher Cleary.
Better Than Fiction!: Go Go Go Said the Bird by Judith Ford.

From The Mind: Home Thoughts from a Hillbilly Poet by Gayle Compton.

Cover Image Painting: Genoa (1913–1914) by Aleksandra Ekster

(100 unique contributors, not including editors.)

Better Than Starbucks November 2021 Premium

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