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Voices from the Past is about memory.  It’s about beauty, loss, destruction, despair, and joy.


It’s about things both local and universal, the individual and the community.  Its words represent people, places, things of yesterday and today.  It’s a book about reflecting on the past to live well in the present.


How something is said is equally as important as what is said.  Poems in Voices from the Past

are spoken in the poet’s voice and in the voices of others, characters who muddle through perplexities, who inhabit a world in which there are no easy answers.


It’s a book about the self alone and with others, and universal verities such as cowardice, courage, envy, pride, sacrifice, hope, fear, unconditional and imperfect love.  It’s about suffering and joy, about what it means to remember and what it means to be human.  The illogical coexists with the logical, the mundane with the profound.  The extraordinary is found in the ordinary. It’s about looking back and going forward.


The poems aim to show the dignity of all people, and of all living things.


Pete Mladinic


87 poems, 118 pages, 6" x 9" perfect bound paperback

Voices from the Past

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