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Better Than Starbucks is an eclectic selection of many types of poetry and creative writing, including free verse, haiku, formal poetry, poetry translations, International poetry, African poetry, experimental and prose poetry, a poetry interview with interviewee poems, fiction, flash fiction, and creative nonfiction, published quarterly.

Better Than Starbucks August 2022 ebook

  • Better Than Starbucks August 2022  Vol VII No III

    The Interview — Imaginary Conversation with Samuel Taylor Coleridge by Kevin McLaughlin
    Three Poems by Samuel Taylor Coleridge

    Five Featured Poems: Paul Kindlon, Judy Koren, Bethany Reid, Jenna Le, and Rebecca Wener.

    Free Verse: Rafaella Del Bourgo, Gabby Gilliam, Roxanne Cardona, Janice D. Soderling, Max Gutmann, Betsy Martin, Stephen Mead, Robert Ackerman, Goddfrey Hammit, Mona S Gable, James Mulhern, John Drudge, and Peter Roberts.

    Haiku with Kevin McLaughlin: Joe Sebastian (Featured), Dianne Moritz, Sarah Calvello, Diana Teneva, Christina Chin, Phil Huffy, Ogedengbe Tolulope, Fruitful Ayobami, Peter Prizel, Sterling Warner, S Denny, Winston Widjaja Lin, Jerome Berglund, Zachary Joseph Garcia, Teague McKamey, Anthony Dimatteo, Keith McCaughin, Max Gutmann, Daya Bhat, Frank X. Christmas, and Douglas J. Lanzo.

    Formal Poetry: Richard Wakefield, JBMulligan, Kathryn Jacobs, Barbara Lydecker Crane, Ian Enters, Gail White, Bruce Bennett, Shane Leavy, Martin Elster, Hilary Biehl, Glenn Irvin, Bruce McGuffin, Barbara Loots, Max Gutmann, Felicia Nimue Ackerman, and Anonymous. 

    Poetry Translations with Susan McLean: Catherine Chandler translating Juana de Ibarbourou (Featured), Shivam Tomar translating Devesh Path Sariya, Brittany Hause translating Alfonsina Storni, and Carleton Copeland translating Alexander Pushkin.

    Poetry for Children with Robert Schechter: Diana Murray, Anna Malaspina, Cynthia Grady, and Coleman Glenn.

    International Poetry: Debasis Tripathy (Featured), Javeria Hasnain, Joanna George, Jen Ross, Mykyta Ryzhykh, Mona Jafari, and Partha Sarkar.

    African Poetry: Abdulkareem Abdulkareem (Featured), Damilola Omotoyinbo, Iyke Obinna Igbokwe, Ndiritu Mwangi, Prosper Ifeanyi, Nica Cornell, and Abdulrazaq Salihu.

    Poetry Unplugged: Samuel Prestridge, Renee Emerson, Mark J. Mitchell, Philip Jason, Hosue Rodriguez, Edmund Conti, and Kenneth Nichols.

    Experimental, Prose, & Form Poetry: Pamelyn Casto (Featured), Linda Ann Strang, Christopher Barnes, Karl Miller, Ruth Holzer, R.F. McTague, Francis Johann Verdote, Ruby Rorty, Bobby Parrott, and Lee Dunn.

    Fiction (Featured): Uninvited by Leslie Martinelli.
    Flash Fiction (Featured): Winter Games by Salvatore Difalco.
    Micro Fiction: Family Smoke by Elizabeth Zahn.
    Better Than Fiction!: Sober Living by David P. Barker.

    From The Mind: The Retro Avant-Garde by Alfred Corn.

    Cover Image Painting: Golden Hour in Venice, 1985, by Willie Betty Newman.

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